Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sinalco story

Salam and greetings alike.Hari ni ayer lamned special ,SINALCO, jenama lamned tertua di eropah.Sejarah/History is as follows:

Sinalco is a brand of non-alcoholic drinks founded in 1902, with sales in more than 40 countries
In 1902, German scientist Friedrich Eduard Bilz invented "Bilz Brause", a sherbet powder, and started to sell it in partnership with industrialist Franz Hartmann. As imitations started to appear, they held a prize competition for a brand name, and chose "Sinalco" (an abbreviation of the Latin sine alcohole, "without alcohol"). As one of the first beverage brands, Sinalco came to be exported worldwide, particularly to South America and the Middle East. The red circle trademark was registered in 1937. A distinctively-shaped bottle was launched in the 1950s, and updated at the end of the century.[1] Sinalco is the oldest soft drink brand in Europe
 A brief history lah.Anway ada 2 items yang related to this brandname yang saya nak upload today.view.

Tray bahagian depan

tray bahagian belakang

Kotak mancis -bahagian belakang

Kotak mancis -bahagian depan

Orait.Tu sajer untuk kali ni maybe next time saya upload lain sinalco items like bottles dan glass.
Till then ,take care n keep happy