Friday, September 17, 2010


Ovaltine was developed in Berne, Switzerland, where it is known by its original name, Ovomaltine (from ovum, Latin for "egg", and malt, originally its main ingredients). Soon after invention the factory moved out to the village of Neuenegg a few kilometres west of Berne, where it is still produced
Ovomaltine was exported to England in 1909; it was a misspelling in the trademark registration that led to the name being truncated to Ovaltine in English-speaking markets. A factory was built in England which exported to the United States as well. By 1915 Ovaltine was being manufactured in Villa Park, Illinois, for the American market. Originally advertised as consisting solely of "malt, milk, eggs, flavored with cocoa," the formulation has changed over the decades, and today several formulations are sold in different parts of the world.
The popular chocolate malt version is a powder which is mixed with hot or cold milk as a beverage. Malt Ovaltine (a version without cocoa), and Rich Chocolate Ovaltine (a version without malt) are also available in some markets. Ovaltine has also been available in the form of chocolate bars, chocolate Easter eggs, parfait, cookies and breakfast cereals. In the last case it is only the brand name that connects the cereals with the chocolate drink


Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Of The Syawal Haul

I start work tomorrow.Different feeling after an extended break for aidilfitri.Hope better things are in store.Lets get on with a few other items from the syawal haul.Lets roll then.

teko kotak returns, same design like the one i sold some time back.Same picture in fact! hehehe, malas nak amik picture baru.Condition very good, no cracks and no chips.

Cobra shoe/boot polish tin/container.Picture a tad too grainy.Top of the metal box is the picture of the cobra.

Peeter aerated water bottle.Address Butterworth,Penang
Wish i could upload more pictures but running short of time.Catch you guys later.
Call/Sms 017-5232979 to book/purchase any of the items above.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post Syawal Sales

Salam and greetings alike.Hope everyone is doing fine and had a memorable time during aidilfitri.Mine was celebrated in temasek this year so it was long journey to the south.There were obviously pit stops along the way home and with the "RADAR/GPS" on full alert, a small haul of collectibles was made possible.I will put up the first lot from that haul for sale today.It consists of 5 cups and 5 saucers..Take a look.

condition cantik dan baik.unused old stock.Saucer jenis berlekuk.
sms/call 0175232979 untuk booking/info tambahan.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Eve Of Syawal

Today would be the final day for iftar or breaking of fast in the holy month of ramadhan.Last night was the final day for the Tarawih prayers.It was quite a poignant moment for the congregation/jemaah to perform the final round of tarawih prayers.It would take another year before the jemaah can  meet and forge the spirit of the muslim brotherhood through the tarawih prayers.We shall await.
Pre syawal preparations are taking full force with the "long live the king LEMANG" already in the bag  for the trip to temasek.The menu will be complimented by ketupat,rendang daging,masak lodeh/kuah lontong,sambal lontong and the cookies crew led by the mighty PINEAPPLE TART.The colour scheme for the family this year is light purple minus the shoes of course!
I think thats about it this time around.Till we meet again, once again
                                "SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFIRTI MAAF ZAHIR BATIN "

p/s The "berukband" connection here is super slow so i cant
      upload any pics at all.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Syawal in sight !

Salam and greetings alike.Been almost a week since i updated my blog,as usual its due to time constraints with regards to the fasting month which is now at the very tail end.In fact the sighting of the moon and followed by the official anouncement of the impending 1 Syawal is scheduled for today.Stay tuned to the telly folks.Its either tomorrow(thursday) or Friday.There has been some speculative rumours about the actual date as of late, prompting the relevent authorities to advice the public at large to put that matter to rest .As such, lets take heed of the advice.Nevertheless it would be safe to assume that  this couple of days are going to be a home run of sorts in terms of the final preparation.Clothings, cookies, curtains,crockery and blackberry tart awaits.Then the "Balik Kampung" customary drive with the car packed to the brim with stopovers for dunking donuts and "satay samuri" at the jam packed rest areas( r n r).Sadly ramadhan is going to be missed but syawal would be joyfully received.
Before the defining moment of syawal is celebrated, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and warm Aidilfitri wishes," SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR BATIN" to all my friends, blog followers, customers, dealers, runners,visitors and readers alike.Sincerely hope everyone has a wonderful and joyful Aidilfitri ahead.Do take care and drive home safely.Do also have a lookout when you go "ziarah/beraya" at those once a year abodes,there might be a Meakin or Johnson bros porcelain lurking in the dark! heheheh.You never know my friends! Syawal surprise!