Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Piring-Piring Tuesday!

Pic 1
Jg Meakin Sunshine-Made In England.(4 pcs)-BOOKED

Made an appoinment with an old time collecter today.Mula-mula dia reluctant nak kasi masuk store barang dia.Almaklum lah siapa tak sayang koleksi yang dihimpun sejak sekian lama.Kecek punya kecek finally he relented juga.Hajat dihati nak pow jam Tam-Tam dia.Tapi awal -awal dia dah show not for sale items punya kad.Gigit jari aku.Instead dia offer  piring-piring tanpa cawan pelbagai bunga.Kali ni saya pulak jadi reluctant.Nak amik atau tidak.Yelah,cawannya takde.tak complete.Mr.Lee noticed that i was a bit undecided.So he decided to cut a deal with me." Consignmentlah for you, put it up on your blog lor.If it sells i give you a cut and offer u a similar looking TAM-TAM clock!
Demi TAM-TAM yang kuidamkan.Consignment pun consignment lah.Janji TAM TAM jatuh ke tangan saya.As such terimalah beberapa set piring for sale.

Pic 2

Pic 3
Victorian Chinese Rose( 9 pcs)-BOOKED

Pic 4
Piring Rose hitam(3 pcs)

Pic 5
yellow and pink roses (4 pcs)

Pic 6
Twin roses(6 pcs)
Pic 7
Four roses(2 pcs)-BOOKED
Alrite takat ni jer larat upload for today.017-5232979.if interested in any of the items.tq

Monday, February 22, 2010

Meeting Monday

First day of the week and usually dreaded after the weekend off.Tapi life goes on.So lets see whats in store today.

Pic 1
Single rose 20cm plate

Pic 2
Cabbage rose 20cm (ada many pieces)
(6 booked)
Pic 3
sauce plate 10cm-bunga terung / bunga ?

Pic 4
dari kiri: 7.5cm small blackrose bowl-BOOKED,11.5cm small roses bowl dan 12.5cm bigrose bowl(BOOKED)

Dial 017-5232979 untuk tempahan.tq.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Stuffs

Hari ni Flea market day.Hari yang di nantikan oleh semua flea market hunters including yours truly.So selepas subuh dah menuju lokasi.Hasilnya a mix bag of goodies.Tapi yang paling best dapat dokumen Zaman MALAYAN UNION. Rasa nak melompat pun ader.Aper tidaknya.Malayan Union hanya bertahan untuk 2 tahun ajer (1946-1948).So kiranya a good find dokumen tu
      Anyway i didnt find any porcelain items but i will upload some earlier finds for todays n3.Lets view.

Pic 1
14cm semibowl wild roses(ada a few pieces)design berlekuk
(3 BOOKED/ada lagi 6)

Pic 2
Tureen  Bunga Kangkung-18cm

Pic 3
Ashtray-Bunga apa? i honestly dont know! tapi made in china
Thats all 4 today.017-5232979 is the number to dial.Take care everybody.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Return

Salam and greetings everyone.First of all would like to apologise 4 the terrible delay in shipping items purchased as of recent.TRULY SORRY.Although i did inform the purchasers individually, nevertheless nothing wrong in apologizing again here.The delay was due to pressing family matters which needed immediate attention and as time is of essence the blog has been dormant for the past 15 days.
I did get to ship a few parcels yesterday and will ship a couple of more ,come this monday.Obviously i had very little time  to go hunting during the period of time mentioned earlier but a couple of runners did bring in some stuffs which i would post beginning watch this space!.Lets roll then

Pic 1
Teko Aladin Sakura-SOLD

Pic 2
Teko Rose Jambatan

Pic 3
Japanese twin roses 14cm semibowl berlekuk(made in Japan-ada chop gambar kepala ayam)

Thats about it for today.As usual the number to dial is 017-5232979 if you are interested to purchase any of the items above.Till then,take care and keep happy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Treat

Greetings my frens.Peace be upon you..Lets Tee Off Todays Treat.

Pic 1
Pink Kekwa (16cm x 11.5cm).Macam tray chinese tea cups aje.(SOLD)

Pic 2-japanese(SOLD)

Pic 3
Japanese twin roses mini bowl(4cm in height and 7cm width) Made in Japan.Chop Kunci.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pekan Rabu

Salam.Hari ni nak tumpang glamer nama Bazaar Yang tersohor di Alor Setaq.Pekan Rabu, since its a wednesday today.Apa apa hal .lets view todays spread.
Pic 1
 3 cawan tanpa piring Pink and yellow roses (booked)

Pic 2
2 cawan "mulut jahat" pink and yellow roses tanpa piring.(booked)

Pic 3
Cawan retro -ada 6 cawan dan 6 piring.Pelita tu ada 1 aje
Pic 4
Cawan(mulut jahat) dan piring Sakura(booked)


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back On Track

Peace be upon you.Its my 3rd straight day with a new post and looks like i m back on track.Sort of..Anyhow i m putting up a few more items for sale today.So make a pick and do give me a tinkle at 017-5232979.View please.

Pic 1
single yellow  and red rose teapot(BOOKED).

Pic 2
Tin Made in England.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The 2nd Day

Salam.Nak buat n3 awal today.Wil continue dengan stuffs yang saya dapat dalam 2 hari bersama kekawan dealer/collector/runner.Lets roll.

Pic 1
Mangkuk Nasi Tambah Wild Roses(Jenama marukoh- made in japan)(SOLD)

Pic 2
Sugarpot dan creamer Mount Fuji Dan Pokok Pine(chop kepala ayam-japan)

5 cawan dan 4 piring( 5 piring sebenarnya tapi satu chip sikit).Pic mount fuji dan pokok pine.chop kepala ayam jantan.made in japan

Pic 4
Tin Trebor Made in England

Thats about it 4 today.017-5232979 number to contact.adios.