Monday, November 30, 2009

Bukan Buluh Bakar Lemang!

Salam and greetings alike.Still kat N9 ni.So sambil -sambil tu nak post lah juga n3 baru dengan pic yang sedia ada.Kali ni sempena aidiladha yang baru berlalu,di mana ramai yang menjamu selera dengan lemang(lomang/lemae)terimalah porcelain motif pokok buluh.Ni buluh dari jepun.takleh wat bakar lemang.Set ni tinggal teko,creamer dan sugarpot aje.Cawan jumpa 3 aje tapi broken,piring satu pun tak jumpa.Set geisha sebenarnya ,berpandukan pada bayangan geisha dalam broken cups yang saya jumpa.Anyway 3 item yang ada ni dalam keadaan baik and are for sale.So kalau ada sesiapa yang berminat bolehlah email atau sms/call saya at 017-5232979.Till then take care and keep happy.

p/s ada try korek kat apeks di sini tapi setakat ni lom ada any discovery.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eidul Adha

Selamat Menyambut Eidul adha buat semua bloggers budiman.Safe journey home buat yang balik kampung.Do take care and keep happy.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meakin Rosa

Greetings.Hari ni buat n3 bout Meakin Rosa.Pretty in Pink punya porcelain.Would be safe to assume that almost every collector ada Rosa meakin items.Mari kita lihat some of the items.

I found the piece some time back at an antique collectors house.Dah lupa namanya walaupun yatt ada bagitau nama panggilan item ni.In very good condition,it took me a lot of effort to convince the previous owner to let go.Ok.Mari tengok pics lain plak, maybe yg lain lain ni dah biasa jumpa.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarsaparilla Satu!

Label aje sebenarnya.No bottle or the drink itself.Sedap kan sebutan SARSAPARILLA ni , dont u think so? heheheh.Very popular masa zaman aerated water drinks dan sezaman dengan F n N orange squash and geng.Dalam filem mamat khalid " Di kala malam bulan mengambang( did i get that right?)  which was shot in black and white, ada adegan di mana watak hero(rosyam nor ) order minuman SARSAPARILLA.Very classic and cool.Anyway l have a few labels yang dibeli di ipoh tidak lama dahulu.Dealer tu kata, unfortunately semua bottles were broken dan cuma labels yang selamat.Label pun Label lah.Kalau frame pasti cantik.So view the pictures my frens.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Greetings.N3 hari ni is really a tongue twister.Epergne(E-Pern).So apa benda ni? well, to be honest i knew very little about this epergne thing when i purchased it some time back,heck! i didnt even know what it was called in the first place.I simply bought it koz it had a classic look to it plus i thought it would look good as an decorative item.Thats not advisible my friends.Never buy something u are not sure of.Thats a golden rule u observe if u are a dealer/runner(but i broke it!sigh).Anyway,last week i visited an old fren, who owns an antique shop in penang.He had 2 Epergnes for sale.It was priced at a few hundred dollars.I enquired."Ni kita panggil apa? The answer was sharp," hah, tu lah ,ramai taktau, ni lah E-pern, Ada beberapa jenis,yang pure silver, silver plated dan juga from gelas.Pure ignorance on my part but nevertheless jangan malu bertanya, bukan sekadar sesat jalan tapi akan tidak tahu something sampai bila bila pun jika kita terus malu bertanya.So apa kegunaan E-pern ni? well from the picture it is very obvious that its a  table centrepiece /decorative item.Boleh letak flowers .I own  a silver plated Made in England piece.Doesnt it look like a bunga terung? hehehehe.Tempat letak bunga yang macam trompet tu(ada 4),kita boleh cabut dan interchange.unik kan?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bunga Padi Pulak

type B
type A
Greetings my frens.Hope everyone read my previous entry "Hasil Korek".Forgot to mention that all the "hasil" are for sale.Do let me know if u fancy any one of them.Alrite, lets look at hari ini punya n3, The bunga padi.I have two different sets of cups and saucers.Both are for sale.The first one(type A) is a set of 6 cups and 6 saucers which is an unused display set which i purchased together with an old school rack.The 2nd set(type B) unfortunately only has 5 cups and 5 saucers.Its an used set but in good condition.I think thats about it for today folks.take care and keep happy .

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hasil "Korek"

Greetings everyone. Firstly dont be offended by the tittle of this n3.

Satu Lot
Jade Green
Let me explain."korek" here simply means "hunting".Its merely a term.In fact there are many other terms used by collectors/runners/dealers in their conversation.Lets look at some of them."strike !" means that u have found an item which is very ,very, very ,cun ,for example if u r into watches, n u find an OMEGA at a frens attic and u are able to purchase it for a song ,then thats a strike.Next comes,"ada lubang tak? or "bagi lah lubang", by all means its not what u think! it simply means that, can u suggest or share any info with a fellow collector/runner/dealer about a place/shop/runner/dealer where u can find collectibles/items/brg that u are looking for.Then we have "boleh makan/tak boleh makan" ,normally used by dealers/runners, meaning,The dealer/runner is able/unable to buy an item which is for sale from a fellow dealer/runner.Enough said.So lets see what i dapat "korek" today.A coffepot(bunga aper yek?) with 6 cups and 6 saucers.unused old stock, 2 sideplates(3 roses), a bunga gandum( m i right?) sugarpot,also unused old stock and a set of 6  jade green cups and saucers.I consider it a baik punya korek koz it took me a lot of time convincing the ex-owner to part with it.Till then.Take care and keep happy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Victorian Chinese Rose Juga ler!

Can i jump into the bandwagon too? Well i'm talking about the VCR n3 by yatt,cik mat n other fellow bloggers.I will follow suit ,so lets view a set of 6 VCR cups that i have.unfortunately not a single saucer to compliment the lovely flower petal shaped cups.Its a made in japan cup.I have saucers made in china though.but that would be a mismatch.It simply wouldnt do justice to match  them.I have extra cups,also without saucers.If anybody is interested,do email me or ring my bell at 017-5232979.Till then.cheers!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tureen Take

Todays n3 will be a short take on the tureen.A titian ware Royal Adams made in England piece.In very gud condition.Comes with an oval plate.If anybody is interested do email me or feel free to sms or call 017-5232979 for details.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Terima kasih Daun keladi!

Just posted my latest n3 bout the basikal tua and then realised that i forgot to extend my deepest gratitude to the 4 followers to this humble blog of mine.I have the option to edit the previous post but nah! i think i will dedicate this N3 to all 4 wonderful people whom i have never met in person but have sincerely joined my blog.To all 4 of my NEW FOUND FRIENDS.TERIMA KASIH BANYOK BANYOK.THANK YOU.NANDRI.IMKUAI. kerana sudi singgah.Hope you keep visiting my blog and as i plan to share more things with everyone.Take care and Keep happy.

Orang Biasa ....Basikal Tua.....

size 26
The size 28 bicycles The  BSA Airborne.
Remember that line from the catchy number by the late loveable singer,Allahyarham Sudirman Haji Arshad?You ought to! He was awesome.With regards to that , todays n3 will  be about a bicycle show which i attended on the 31st of August this year.The show was well attended by my "brothers on bicycles"from all over the country.Its worthy to note that there are Basikal tua clubs in almost every state in Malaysia! Now lets talk about the basikal tua itself.The basikal tua as its popularly known by all is the one with the galang(bar) tengah with a 28(inch) wheel.This is follwed by the size 26,24,20,18 etc.The size is determined by the size of the rim(wheel).The smaller sized ones(18) were meant for children and  while  size 28 bicycles were used by the adults.However the Galang(bar) tengah posed a problem for the women.As such ,for the ladies the galang tengah became galang lengkung or simply called basikal lengkung.The lengkung then was replaced by a slanted bar.The basikal tua had many brand names,the most popular ones were obviously Raleigh,Humber,Phillips,Hercules,New Hudson(basikal posman)but the cream of the crop had to be the Mighty BSA(Birmingham Small Arms) Airborne.The bicycles were made in the 1920-30s and used in world war 1 by the British Airborne Paratroopers.Dont ask the price.You would be astounded.The BSA Airborne took home the two top prizes at the show.The lucky owner is believed to have purchased the bicycles from England.It cost him a bomb.As usual most bicycles were made in England.Enough said. Enjoy the pictures.Peace be upon you.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meeting Miss Sakura

Aint she lovely? well, if u think so then do give me a tinkle at 017-5232979.She could be yours, for a price though.What if Miss Sakura gets lonely? No worries, to accompany her would be a member of the evergreen and ever so popular Bunga Kangkung Family.Say hello to Mr.Senduk B.Kangkung.Up for grabs too.So drop a line fellow collectors.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No Smoking Please!

I dont smoke and neither does my other half, but i certainly do collect cigarette packs of the yesteryears.In fact i have a whole stack of them.Most of these cigarette packs were made by the legendry W.D & WILLS company based in Bristol and London and shipped to the old Malaya.They came in a pack of 5s or 10s.Other notable companies involved in supplying cigarettes were Modern Tobacco Co.,M.C.L Co.Ltd,The British American Tobacco Company,Godfrey Phillips,Lambert & Butler,R&J Ltd,Gallaher,James Carlton London, etc.There were also locally produced cigarettes by the Malayan Cigarette Co,Malayan Tobacco Co,Poh Tar Co Penang,Joo Lan Tobacco Co,Nanyang Brothers Etc.The Packs came in various brand names such as Torchlight,Rough Rider(very popular),Craven A,Capstan,Pirate,Sea Rider etc.The list is endless.There were  even certain cigarette brands issued during the emergency period in Malaya and also during World War.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Glasses Galore

Greetings.Presenting  todays n3.Glasses.Recently got very much interested to collect glasses, mostly related to soft drinks and aerated water of the  good old times.The most popular ones without doubt would be Coca Cola,Pepsi,7up and F n N.Then we have softdrinks like Sprite,Sarsi,Schweppes,Sinalco,Greenspot,Mirinda, and Fanta.There also the the ones which are no more in production, Marco, Whitespot, Kisspot,Longchan,Watson,etc.

Lets view the pictures.