Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Menu

Horlicks Mixer.The smaller one has the SG markings, indicating the origin from Singapore while the larger one in the right corner is obviously from England, indicated by the embossed markings at the bottom.
Call 017-5232979 for booking/sale.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cameo role-a brief take

Salam and greetings alike.Gonna be a month since i last wrote.Hope things will be better in the weeks to come.Anyway got a few items for sale.take a look then.

Grindly- Made in England- 6 cawan unused old stock with embossed markings.(AVAILABLE)
Bunga peonies-mangkuk nasi tambah-10.inch.condition cun.Made in China-red marking.(SOLD)

Bunga kekwa biru-unused old stock.4 cawan dan 6 piring.condition cun.(SOLD)

F n N red hot mugs( plastic) .unused old stock.nice to display and add on to your F n N collectibles. (AVAILABLE)

F n N cup and saucer(plastic).unused old bright blue and nice to display. comes in a set of 4 cups and 6 saucers( 2 cups didnt make it, sigh!).(SOLD)

Please sms/call 017-5232979 for booking and info.