Thursday, May 31, 2012

Relearning Blogging

Serious tittle? Nah! dont be deceived.Perception can lead to deception.Getting more serious? hehehehe.Well lets mellow down then.Seriously.opssss! Honestly,this blog has long been dormant , though writing  brings much pleasure to yours truly, procastination seems to be a bloody hard habit to kick. Giving excuses for procastinating is yet another issue itself, nevertheless  a casual chat with a gentlemen from penang lead to this 2nd step foward in the relearning process.Blog again , he said, i said alright sir, so here i go again own my  own.So whats in store this time around? Bicycle related.So read on.

Pamphlets from the 50s, namely the nite-rider, haco and Helios.Have another 6 , namely Union,Rambler,GB,Speedwell,Golden Hawk and Tashenlampenhunsen. The pamphlets are very colourful and contain many useful details for the bicycle club members.Got this from a collector who has a vast collection of his own filling up a flat to its brim..
Anybody interested to purchase this pamphlets can contact me at 017-5232979.
Till then .Collectors ahoy!