Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cerebos Salt

Cerebos table salt containers .2 different types.The one on the left has a glass lid and obviously the partner has a plastic lid with embossed writings and picture."See How It Runs" was the company motto implying how fine was the salt produced.The also had a picture of a boy chasing a bird, as seen on the lid.The contairners all came in embossed writings , including cerebos salt in front and at the bottom Made in England.

Highly collectible.In mint condition and for sale.Call/sms 017-5232979 for info and price.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fanta Collectible

For sale: 1950s german made GOGGO scooter advertistment/flyer/pamphlet.4 printed side.A small cutout at the bottom of the 3rd page.Beside that its in great condition.

For sale; 10 inch ding bat given out by Fanta some time back.Dont have much info on thi sitem though.Nevertheless would make an interesting addition to your aerated water collectibles lot.

017-5232979 or for price.tq.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Playing Cards

For Sale- UNC playing cards as seen in the picture, namely State Express, Benson and Hedges and Lucky Strike.Cards have pictures of the cigarette brandname at the back of the card.sms/call 0175232979 or email me at for price/info.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tray Sales

Players tray for sale.Condition as seen in picture.

Obviously a 7 uP tray for sale as well.condition as seen

I recently found/picked this item.A nice find.A letter opener with a a small knife which functions like a multipurpose penknife.Both sides of the letter opener have markings of the word Players Please and the knife has the markings made in england and on the reverse some other wordings.The main blade can be folded and hides a file as well.A cool piece indeed.

Thats about it for today.0175232979 is the number to contact for the purchase of those trays.Take care and keep happy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Teachers Day

Its teachers day tomorrow in Malaysia.Decided to put up a post in honour of those awesome and towering teachers i have met along the way.Also dedicated to all those wonderful teachers who shared their experience and knowledge with much love and respect.Who made me what i am today.Who continue to to inspire me to explore, engage ,and endevour. SELAMAT HARI GURU!

One of my favourite reads,the legendry PAK PANDIR and his bungling adventures.My childhood collection has gone with the wind but i found this very nice piece some time back.The colurs are vivid and so alive. Just take a look

The love for reading continues to this very day and i am most grateful and thankful to my teachers for that.However my writing was a wreck!.I had very poor handwriting despite having my dad and my teachers supplying me a load of pencils .Take a look

A host of pencils as seen in the picture, some made in England, France, Germany and old Germany @ Bavaria. The familiar brand names are Venus, Steadler and the odd one out is the TJAP Ikan from bavaria.So did my handwriting improve? Silence is golden!

p/s do have some extra pencils, and if anyone is interested to collect them as well, do give me a tinkle at 017-5232979.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eat The Frog

Salam and salutations alike.Ignore the tittle. Nuthing to do with my diet . Its the tittle of a wonderful book about TIME MANAGEMENT which as of late has been a major headache to me.

A change at the top in my workplace has seen me sliding downhill ever since.You wouldnt believe the schedule and the things that i have to do .But i m not gonna delve too much into that.Let it be.Then i got sick( viral infection) and the blog went dead for almost a month.As i recovered my other half was sent to the sick bed and in fact is still recovering.

Enough about my lament.Lets see whats in store for the day.

ERRES 1959 calender.Each page comes witha picture of a city and a product as seen in the second picture.In very good condition.The final page has pictures of all the products by ERRES, a popular company from the yesteryears based in Holland.This includes fans,tv,radio, gramaphone, drill,dryer,vacuum, turntable etc. I am sure many collectors have the ERRES table fan or the valve set radio.

The calender is in very good condition and would make a very nice pin up in your home.The pictures are clear and colourful.Please do sms/call me at 017-5232979 for booking/info.

Till then , wish everyone a great weekend ahead and do keep happy!