Sunday, July 3, 2011

Football collectibles

Greetings and salutations alike to all .Hope everyone had been keeping up well all this while as this blog was busy collecting dust and cobwebs.Nevertheless the allure of writing got the better of me ,so here i am.lets see whats in store after the long hiatus.

Obviously as the tittle gives it away, i would like to share some of the football stuffs i had picked along the road less taken.First up just take a look at the Arsenal club flag for the 78-79 season FA cup Final.Guess the opposing team in that epic final.

well the answer can be seen in the pendent on the left, The gunners against the devils.Who won anyway?

The pendent in the middle is for the 1966 world cup winning England national team.

The Kop pendent is on the right.So all liverpool fans , You never walk alone mate!

Finally for the Hammers and spurs fans.1980 FA cup final hammers .

Thats about it folks.Got to call it a night..