Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Finds

Made in England- 5 inch(platter) covered platter.Obviously it need some polishing to make it shine and come alive.Gosok jangan tak gosok! a cute display item

Salam and greetings alike.Looks like its a weekend affair at this blog of mine.Chinese New Year is just around the corner but the collectibles/antiques that usually pop up during the run up seem to have declined.Just ask any runners/pickers or dealers.All is not lost though.There are many more things out there just waiting for you and me to pick up! so keep hunting folks. Nevertheless take a look at the items up for sale today.

Made in England collectible chocolate box-CALEY DARI-RICH. Condition very good.

DUNHILL Ashtray.Unused old stock.Lift cover for easy cleaning as seen in picture.

017-5232979 for info/booking.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Glass Fair-Part 1

Greetings .How was the flea market foray today? yield any nice find? Hope so.Anyway got some collectible glasses up for sale.Have a look.Make a pick.Dial the number and lets close a deal.These are extras i have so lets get on with it.First up

From left: Magnolia,Marco,Peacock brand-national aerated water,Mission Beverages.SOLD

From left: F n N( white ),Ovaltine,Mirinda/pepsi(dual),Zappel-(SOLD),Pepsi,Pepsi Cola,Horlicks.The rest still available only Zappel sold.

Sms/call me at 017-5232979 for booking/info.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Porcelain please!

Creamer Made in Japan.Condition good. BOOKED/ON HOLD-

6 cup and 6 saucers.Made in China.Unused old stock.

A set of 4 glasses.retro look.Good Condition.

JG Meakin Spares: single rosa cup( condition very good) and sunshine cup and saucer(a tiny chip in the saucer).Those who are in the lookout for spares to complete their Meakin teasets, well here is your chance.BOOKED

Sugarpot Made in Japan.Condition very good.BOOKED

Old school Dumex sugarpot/bowl .condition very good.No chips or stains.BOOKED.

017-5232979 for info/booking.

Post Hibernation-2011

Salam and greetings alike.Hope everyone is keeping up well.It has been more than a month since i updated this blog of mine.In fact this is the maiden posting for year 2011.Got 3 items for sale today.Take a look then.
Coca-cola headphone.working condition.battery included(heheheh).In very good condition .A must have for all coke collectors.

Navy Cut Players tray in very good condition.Unused old stock.Sold one last month and got this extra piece as of late For those who have the Navy Cut players tray in yellow colour , grab this and complete the pair!BOOKED

A very pretty Dumex Jug (8-9 inch) in very good condition.No chip, cracks or stain.BOOKED

The number to dial is 017-5232979.Feel free to sms/call.