Sunday, April 25, 2010

One item only

Greetings.How was the flea market foray this weekend? There was a huge turn out in Ropewalk Penang today.Thats what the parking attendent told me.I was a bit late  but was lucky enough to snap a couple of photographs and some small collectibles.There was a seller from India today.He had a few Indian made bicycle lamps for sale at a very reasonable price but unfortunately there were no takers.The seller lamented" Malaysians only want Made in England !
Well i am putting  up a single item for sale today but sadly Made in China and not Made in England.View.

Ada sepasang aje!

017-5232979  for info/booking.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Coffeepot calling

Salam and greetings alike.A 5 inch japanese made coffeepot up for sale.No roses though.

017-5232979 is the number to call/sms for booking/info.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photo Break

Greetings.Lets take a photo break for a today.Maybe some might evoke memories from the past.view .

1930s  straits settlement chinese "Baba"

1930s  straits settlement chinese "nyonya"

Anybody pernah pi dating naik Lambretta ini?

Sure hope nobody pernah naik van ini

Thats about it.Wanted to upload a few more pictures but its taking up a lot of time.So better to exit.Take care my friends.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Promising New Joint

Salam my frens.Just got my replacement broadband modem today.Hence this entry .Its more stuffs from the latest joint which i discovered last week.This joint certainly looks promising.Lets see whats on parade today.

Pic 1
5 cups but no saucers.

pic 2
bowl diameter 6 inci tinggi 3 inci
( 2 pcs available)

kekwa biro bowl 6 inci diameter and 2 inci tinggi

017-5232979 is the number to call/sms if u want to purchase any of the items.tq

Saturday, April 17, 2010

From The New Joint

Greetings.How waz the saturday fare at amcorp? pasti best kan.Anyway hope that there were many new finds there today.Meanwhile take a peek at what i found together with yesterdays entry.

Pic 1
Old school Made in Japan "Belang-Belang" cups-6 pcs, unfortunately no saucers

Pic 2
Sepasang gelas Made in Germany dengan gambar  embossed rusa dan pokok pada bahagian depan dan juga belakang gelas.Sesuai untuk penggemar deco English.Tinggi 5 inci.

Pic 3
Tin Chocolate Made in England.Kotor sedikit tapi boleh dibersihkan.Panjang 12 inci.

Alrite kalau berminat dengan any of the items above do get in touch at 017-5232979.Happy "hunting" esok at your favourite flea market.

Friday, April 16, 2010

After a week

Salam and greetings alike my frens.Its been a week since i last posted an entry.Obviously its due to work, time factor and as of late the aerated water or ayer lamned craze.Yup.Its back to the bottles( aerated water/ayer lamned only ok! heheheh).So its like bottles, bottles and bottles  walk and talk all week.You get to find something new each time around.Nevertheless porcelain tak ku lupa jua.In fact i found  a new place to "korek".By chance actually.I was doing my normal rounds just the other day when i was caught in a heavy downpour.As i was riding my bike, it left  me no choice but to take shelter at a coffeshop.As usual this cerita kedai kopi with sometimes absolute strangers might hit the jackpot.To kill time, i engaged in a conversation with a chinese guy who spoke very fluent malay.I bought the second round of teh tarik and this is when the chinese guy started to sing like a canary.He told me about a few places which i could check out and thats what i did after the rain came to a halt.Enough said.View the pictures please.Some of the items that i found at the new "joint".

Pic 1
6 cups and 6 saucers( made in china)

Pic 2
Obviously a Peonies mug.
Thats about it.017-5232979 is the number to dial.Have a great weekend folks.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soap Opera Special


I promised a twist at the end of the bid to the winning bidder.Now i deliver.This one time only bid was conducted untuk  objektif berikut
1.Find the most dedicated/passionate collector
2.To help regulate affordable/reasonable prices
3.Collecting be shared by many

Greetings folks.To all Rosalinda fans, presenting a soap opera special-The TEKO ALADDIN BUNGA SABUN(stamped Made in China).My bro,mr.Ezany from Ezany galleria has an N3 about the story of Bunga Sabun porcelain.Do check it out.This teapot is going to be a bidding item.So lets see the house rules for BIDDING:
                         1.PLEASE DO NOT SMS  OR
                            PLACE  YOUR BID AT THE SHOUTBOX.
                         2.MAKE /PLACE A BID BY EMAIL ONLY.

Bidding starts  once the n3 is published.I will then update the blog after every 12 hours .The current bid price will be displayed under the picture .It will serve as an indicator if u wish to continue bidding.The bidding ends after 48 hours and the winning bidder will be duly notified.There is NO RESERVE PRICE.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weekend Sale

Salam and howdy folks.Its been a while since i updated this blog and as usual its due to work commitments.Anyway hope everyone is doing fine.Eventhough i was busy at work, some faithfull runners did bring in some collectibles which included porcelain items.I am forever indebted to these runners who have been very kind to me along the years.Semoga panjang umur  dan murah rezeki.Now lets get down to bizniz.

Pic 1
Teko mini bunga peonies-1 aje available(BOOKED)

Pic 2
9 inch made in Japan old green/jade coloured display/fruit platter?
Honestly i am not sure.The runner yang bawak item ni kata sesuai untuk letak pisang! hahahahaha,sambil tertawa saya tanya" Macam mana yang kata sesuai untuk letak pisang?" Hang tengok lah kat pinggan tu kan ada macam bentuk pisang! What do u think my frens ?

Pic 3
Made in Japan(onishi) juga.8 inci.
Alright.Taking a break.Meeting yet another runner in a short while.Maybe ada something nice.Watch this space.Catch you later.017-5232979 for booking/info