Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Post Ramadhan -Welcoming Syawal!

First and foremost my sincere SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR BATIN greetings to all who have visited this humble blog of mine , customers, potential customers, fellow dealers, bloggers, friends from the swinging schooldaze rules, runners, pickers, followers and commentors alike.I hope those who celebrated eidulfitri had a wonderful time with their loved ones and those who didint had a wonderful time too visiting muslim friends to share the joy of syawal.So what happened during ramadhan?
There was a short break in terms of hunting and picking during ramadhan due to time constraint at my workplace nevertheless i did pick a few nice items which brought in the extra cash needed during this festive season.I learnt how to put my foot down on matters pretaining to lopsided friendships.I had to move on but always didnt have heart and mental strength to do so but this time around i finally did it.Amazingly a long lost buddy of mine popped up out of the blue.A surprise compensation indeed.
So what is in store for syawal?
Well, i will have to work under a new immediate boss and the 1 st task which has been giving to me is to go on a walkabout with the boss, hold dialogues with a few groups unhappy over the departure of my previous boss and unhappy too about certain issues with current management.I also need to draw up new plans with work rotation etc.
Thats about work.What about play? well, got to explore some new grounds and check out a couple of new pickers i have come to know but havent met in person.Heard that there have some mighty nice collectibles stashed in the storeroom.wish me luck.
As i sign off, i sincerely do hope syawal and the months to follow will bring much joy and love to everyone reading this post.The law of attraction.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ramadhan Sales.

Birely's small bag( 6 inch).

Ovaltine condition.

State express memopad and cigarette tin.condition as seen in picture.

sms 017-5232979 for price/booking/sale.