Thursday, August 26, 2010

F n N Everytime Mates!

Salam and greetings alike.Wanna  put  up yet another tray today.Most collectors have this tray but nevertheless there is no wrong sharing with the rest.This mighty Fraser and Neave collectible item is quite popular due to its catchy tagline" F n N Everytime ".Lets have a look then.

Lets move on.Wanna show you another collectible item.An ashtray this time.View please

Capstan is a brand of unfiltered British cigarettes made by Imperial Tobacco originally launched by W. D. & H. O. Wills in 1894. The brand became less popular when the health effects of Tobacco became more widely known, few shops now sell them.
In 1971 the UK government published a table of the tar and nicotine contents of cigarettes available in the UK market, and Capstan Full Strength contained, by some margin, the highest tar and nicotine contents of any brand.
                          Thats about it for today.Happy collecting and Selamat Berpuasa .