Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Orang Biasa ....Basikal Tua.....

size 26
The size 28 bicycles The  BSA Airborne.
Remember that line from the catchy number by the late loveable singer,Allahyarham Sudirman Haji Arshad?You ought to! He was awesome.With regards to that , todays n3 will  be about a bicycle show which i attended on the 31st of August this year.The show was well attended by my "brothers on bicycles"from all over the country.Its worthy to note that there are Basikal tua clubs in almost every state in Malaysia! Now lets talk about the basikal tua itself.The basikal tua as its popularly known by all is the one with the galang(bar) tengah with a 28(inch) wheel.This is follwed by the size 26,24,20,18 etc.The size is determined by the size of the rim(wheel).The smaller sized ones(18) were meant for children and  while  size 28 bicycles were used by the adults.However the Galang(bar) tengah posed a problem for the women.As such ,for the ladies the galang tengah became galang lengkung or simply called basikal lengkung.The lengkung then was replaced by a slanted bar.The basikal tua had many brand names,the most popular ones were obviously Raleigh,Humber,Phillips,Hercules,New Hudson(basikal posman)but the cream of the crop had to be the Mighty BSA(Birmingham Small Arms) Airborne.The bicycles were made in the 1920-30s and used in world war 1 by the British Airborne Paratroopers.Dont ask the price.You would be astounded.The BSA Airborne took home the two top prizes at the show.The lucky owner is believed to have purchased the bicycles from England.It cost him a bomb.As usual most bicycles were made in England.Enough said. Enjoy the pictures.Peace be upon you.


~Yatt~ said...

salam wan..
kecik2 dulu my late tok wan used to have this "gerek"..tapi taktau from where..yang paling saya ingat galang tu..susah sangat nak naik & sangat susah2 sangat saya suruh jer tok wan bawak & "carry" saya kat belakang..hehehe..still young at that time & dun really appreciate those things..i wish i could turn back time..huhu..pasti kuangkut semua yang ada..almari, katil, gerek etc.... ;)