Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Glasses Galore

Greetings.Presenting  todays n3.Glasses.Recently got very much interested to collect glasses, mostly related to soft drinks and aerated water of the  good old times.The most popular ones without doubt would be Coca Cola,Pepsi,7up and F n N.Then we have softdrinks like Sprite,Sarsi,Schweppes,Sinalco,Greenspot,Mirinda, and Fanta.There also the the ones which are no more in production, Marco, Whitespot, Kisspot,Longchan,Watson,etc.

Lets view the pictures.


~Yatt~ said...

salam wan...
those are really amazing..seems that you have them all..
you can befriend with other bloggers whom have same interest of collecting glasses eg fitri, kak ca etc..
as i mentioned to you glasses collections more to the ones that reminds me of my beloved tok..nanti2 i share with you my precious.. ;)
keep it up!!..

wan said...

wklsm.thank you yatt for the compliment.Would certainly love to get in touch with bloggers who share the same passion for glasses.I dont have them all,still searching for the elusive ones.certainly would to share.cheers!