Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hasil "Korek"

Greetings everyone. Firstly dont be offended by the tittle of this n3.

Satu Lot
Jade Green
Let me explain."korek" here simply means "hunting".Its merely a term.In fact there are many other terms used by collectors/runners/dealers in their conversation.Lets look at some of them."strike !" means that u have found an item which is very ,very, very ,cun ,for example if u r into watches, n u find an OMEGA at a frens attic and u are able to purchase it for a song ,then thats a strike.Next comes,"ada lubang tak? or "bagi lah lubang", by all means its not what u think! it simply means that, can u suggest or share any info with a fellow collector/runner/dealer about a place/shop/runner/dealer where u can find collectibles/items/brg that u are looking for.Then we have "boleh makan/tak boleh makan" ,normally used by dealers/runners, meaning,The dealer/runner is able/unable to buy an item which is for sale from a fellow dealer/runner.Enough said.So lets see what i dapat "korek" today.A coffepot(bunga aper yek?) with 6 cups and 6 saucers.unused old stock, 2 sideplates(3 roses), a bunga gandum( m i right?) sugarpot,also unused old stock and a set of 6  jade green cups and saucers.I consider it a baik punya korek koz it took me a lot of time convincing the ex-owner to part with it.Till then.Take care and keep happy.