Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Teachers Day

Its teachers day tomorrow in Malaysia.Decided to put up a post in honour of those awesome and towering teachers i have met along the way.Also dedicated to all those wonderful teachers who shared their experience and knowledge with much love and respect.Who made me what i am today.Who continue to to inspire me to explore, engage ,and endevour. SELAMAT HARI GURU!

One of my favourite reads,the legendry PAK PANDIR and his bungling adventures.My childhood collection has gone with the wind but i found this very nice piece some time back.The colurs are vivid and so alive. Just take a look

The love for reading continues to this very day and i am most grateful and thankful to my teachers for that.However my writing was a wreck!.I had very poor handwriting despite having my dad and my teachers supplying me a load of pencils .Take a look

A host of pencils as seen in the picture, some made in England, France, Germany and old Germany @ Bavaria. The familiar brand names are Venus, Steadler and the odd one out is the TJAP Ikan from bavaria.So did my handwriting improve? Silence is golden!

p/s do have some extra pencils, and if anyone is interested to collect them as well, do give me a tinkle at 017-5232979.