Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eat The Frog

Salam and salutations alike.Ignore the tittle. Nuthing to do with my diet . Its the tittle of a wonderful book about TIME MANAGEMENT which as of late has been a major headache to me.

A change at the top in my workplace has seen me sliding downhill ever since.You wouldnt believe the schedule and the things that i have to do .But i m not gonna delve too much into that.Let it be.Then i got sick( viral infection) and the blog went dead for almost a month.As i recovered my other half was sent to the sick bed and in fact is still recovering.

Enough about my lament.Lets see whats in store for the day.

ERRES 1959 calender.Each page comes witha picture of a city and a product as seen in the second picture.In very good condition.The final page has pictures of all the products by ERRES, a popular company from the yesteryears based in Holland.This includes fans,tv,radio, gramaphone, drill,dryer,vacuum, turntable etc. I am sure many collectors have the ERRES table fan or the valve set radio.

The calender is in very good condition and would make a very nice pin up in your home.The pictures are clear and colourful.Please do sms/call me at 017-5232979 for booking/info.

Till then , wish everyone a great weekend ahead and do keep happy!