Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jom Tengok Wayang!

Guess who is the dame?

Tempat duduk/ seat number

Cathay ipoh

Panggung Rex dan Panggung Sun Ipoh

Lido ipoh dan Capitol ipoh

Panggung Grand Ipoh
In total 6 different cinemas/panggung wayang.Namely the mighty Cathay, Capitol, Lido, Rex,Sun and Grand.I am not sure if there were any other cinema that i may have missed out.Maybe my friend Mr.Fitri, can shed some light over the matter.After all he is from Ipoh.So Fitri, Its your call bro!.The tickets are are all from the swinging 60s!.The ticket price varies accordingly.The Grand kelas 1 ticket dated 2nd december 1967 was priced at RM 1.25 termasok Chukai!.Kelas 1 for Capitol cost RM1.00.Rex priced theirs at RM 1.40 for kelas 1 khas.Panggung Sun offered kelas 2 at RM 0.40 cents! termasuk cukai for the ticket dated 18th September 1967.Cheap matinee(pertunjokan murah) at Lido was priced at 50 cents!.Cathay priced theirs at RM1.00 for kelas istimewa.
The tickets shown above , in such a state( torn a bit) indicates that the usher had checked the ticket bought by the cinema goer.Those were the days .I bet many had their first dates at the cinemas! betul tak? RAHSIAAAAAAAAAA! hehehehehehhe
Sadly though all 6 cinemas mentioned above have ceased operation and if i am not mistaken 1 is a funiture shop while another has been turned into a chinese restaurant near the popular memorylane flea market in ipoh mali tatak sombong!
Meanwhile can any of you guess the Dame posing at the back of the car? The photo is dated 1955! Siapa yek?
Till then.Do take care.Keep Happy.