Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weekend Sale

Salam and howdy folks.Its been a while since i updated this blog and as usual its due to work commitments.Anyway hope everyone is doing fine.Eventhough i was busy at work, some faithfull runners did bring in some collectibles which included porcelain items.I am forever indebted to these runners who have been very kind to me along the years.Semoga panjang umur  dan murah rezeki.Now lets get down to bizniz.

Pic 1
Teko mini bunga peonies-1 aje available(BOOKED)

Pic 2
9 inch made in Japan old green/jade coloured display/fruit platter?
Honestly i am not sure.The runner yang bawak item ni kata sesuai untuk letak pisang! hahahahaha,sambil tertawa saya tanya" Macam mana yang kata sesuai untuk letak pisang?" Hang tengok lah kat pinggan tu kan ada macam bentuk pisang! What do u think my frens ?

Pic 3
Made in Japan(onishi) juga.8 inci.
Alright.Taking a break.Meeting yet another runner in a short while.Maybe ada something nice.Watch this space.Catch you later.017-5232979 for booking/info