Friday, April 16, 2010

After a week

Salam and greetings alike my frens.Its been a week since i last posted an entry.Obviously its due to work, time factor and as of late the aerated water or ayer lamned craze.Yup.Its back to the bottles( aerated water/ayer lamned only ok! heheheh).So its like bottles, bottles and bottles  walk and talk all week.You get to find something new each time around.Nevertheless porcelain tak ku lupa jua.In fact i found  a new place to "korek".By chance actually.I was doing my normal rounds just the other day when i was caught in a heavy downpour.As i was riding my bike, it left  me no choice but to take shelter at a coffeshop.As usual this cerita kedai kopi with sometimes absolute strangers might hit the jackpot.To kill time, i engaged in a conversation with a chinese guy who spoke very fluent malay.I bought the second round of teh tarik and this is when the chinese guy started to sing like a canary.He told me about a few places which i could check out and thats what i did after the rain came to a halt.Enough said.View the pictures please.Some of the items that i found at the new "joint".

Pic 1
6 cups and 6 saucers( made in china)

Pic 2
Obviously a Peonies mug.
Thats about it.017-5232979 is the number to dial.Have a great weekend folks.