Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Eve Of Syawal

Today would be the final day for iftar or breaking of fast in the holy month of ramadhan.Last night was the final day for the Tarawih prayers.It was quite a poignant moment for the congregation/jemaah to perform the final round of tarawih prayers.It would take another year before the jemaah can  meet and forge the spirit of the muslim brotherhood through the tarawih prayers.We shall await.
Pre syawal preparations are taking full force with the "long live the king LEMANG" already in the bag  for the trip to temasek.The menu will be complimented by ketupat,rendang daging,masak lodeh/kuah lontong,sambal lontong and the cookies crew led by the mighty PINEAPPLE TART.The colour scheme for the family this year is light purple minus the shoes of course!
I think thats about it this time around.Till we meet again, once again
                                "SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFIRTI MAAF ZAHIR BATIN "

p/s The "berukband" connection here is super slow so i cant
      upload any pics at all.