Saturday, March 13, 2010

Smile Please!

Its my 2nd n3 for the day and would like to share part of my photo collection.A picture paints a thousand words.As such just sit back and  view the pictures from the good old times.

rickshaw 1930s
The rickshaw was brought from shanghai china in 1880 and by the end of the 19th century there were about 1000 rickshaw owners in singapore!.The straits settlements chinese lady is sitting beside her Mat salleh sister in-law.(according to writings at the back of the photo).

 circa 1940s
Malayan Police.This picture was taken in front of Istana Bukit Chandan,Kuala Kangsar during late DYMM Sultan Perak's Birthday.

The picture on the right  was taken on MERDEKA DAY 31st August 1957.They built a pintu gerbang  which was lighted up at night.The picture on the left is in  the 60s and  fittingly  features Bapa Kemerdekaan ,Tunku Abdul Rahman.Can anybody  identify the guy holding a hat behind Tunku?

Rombongan Khawin Nyonya Kiah.Yang tak pakai seluar sebelah kiri gambar tu nampak maintain cool kan?

Geng motor
Anybody u know?
Alrite.Dah ngantuk.So lets called it a day.Adios.


Anonymous said...

Hello and Happy New Year.

I would like to buy the "Rombongan Khawin Nyonya Kiah.Yang tak pakai seluar sebelah kiri gambar tu nampak maintain cool kan?" photo.

Is it for sale/ how much is it?

I will be coming up to Penang on Thursday night (3rd. Jan.) for a few weeks and can meet up with you and pay you then.

Please contact me at (bbddduck at yahoo dot com); I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,