Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March On!

Time certainly flies! we are in the 3rd month of year and things are speeding up a bit.Dont u think so? how about the current heatwave? PANASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! but then thats life .You gain some and you lose some.With regards to that.I did gain a very much sought after porcelain item a couple of days back.I am still undecided how to go about it.Many collectors would love to have this piece in their precious collection.The problem is i  only have a single piece.So macammana ya?
             As its still undecided.The item remains under a very famous pair of lock and key.View please

Padlock Chop MATA

Jenama/Chop MATA ni very popular dikalangan collector barangan antik.Selain padlock ada items lain seperti pisau lipat,gergaji,pisau cukur dll. Buatan Germany  dan ada logo gambar mata manusia, tu yang dapat jolokan nama chop MATA.Kalau nama German nya ialah Soligen.
Anyway thats about it for this N3 take care and keep happy.


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