Friday, March 26, 2010

Sugarpots,a creamer and the loner

Greetings.Todays n3 will be short koz masih exhausted plus esok working .So mari kita lihat jualan langsung untuk hari ini.

Pic 1
Creamer and sugarpot-Japanese made

Pic 2
Sugarpot-japan mari juga

Pic 3(loner)
The sole wet roses saucer.
017-5232979 for price/info

Before i take  leave would like mention that my heart goes out for you my bro Ezany.I read with much agony and anguish about the unfortunate incident which left me devastated as well but life must go on.You hang on there Ezany.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mix Bag

Greetings and apologies alike to all my frens for going "underground"yesterday.It was indeed a hectic day with lots of running around.Today is no different but then life is such, so its up to us to make the necessary changes.Kalau kita mahu satu perubahan berlaku ,kita perlu berusaha dengan terbaik untuk ianya berlaku.Tanpa usaha keadaan akan tetap seperti biasa.So i m trying a new approach in my pengurusan masa.Hope i do good.Lets leave it at that and get down to business.
 Its a mix bag today.No teapots, sugarpots,creamers or gravyboats.View.

Pic 1
VCR sideplate/cakeplate 7 inch( 6 pcs available)

Pic 2
Mangkuk display/Display plate 9 inch ada logo gambar singa pada bahagian bawah mangkuk.Maybe Japanese made( anybody got info about this?)-1 pcs only

Pic 3
Dumex mug 5 inch.Has a very small chip pada bahagian bawah mug.Kalau nak display memang tak nampak kesan chip .1 pcs
017-5232979 for futher info.Tq.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Black Beauty

First it was yellow, then the pink twins and today i give you the black beauty.view.

Six cups and six saucers plus a teko Aladin-unused 017-5232979.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pretty Twins

Yellow certainly wasnt mellow and the sunshine did make my frens happy.Anyway since i have the time i think i will put up a single teapot up for sale this time around.Take a peek please.

Twin roses in good condition.
017-5232979  for futher info.

Yellow aint Mellow!

Greetings my frens.I m back home in Penang after being away for a few days.A bit exhausted because of the journey and many pitstops along the way.The final pitstop was at MemoryLane Flea market or also known as Lokin to the locals in ipoh.I was totally amazed to see the number of people selling porcelain  items at this famous fleamarket.Porcelain Fever i guess.Did some shopping myself and  bought a german made alarm clock and a few aerated water glasses.Enough said.Lets get down to business.Up for sale is as follows

Pic 1
JG Meakin yellow sunshine -5 cups and 5 saucers

Pic 2
JG Meakin Sunshine: Creamer,Gravyboat and bowl

Pic 3(a)


Coffeepot:woodware Jasmine-Made in England
Kelihatan di gambar nombor 3(c) coffeepot ni ader kecederaan di bahagian bawah snout,pada gambar 3(a) tidak kelihatan dan 3(b) pun tidak kelihatan tapi kalau angkat dan tengok memang kelihatan chip kecederaan itu.Anyway untuk buat display koleksi coffeepot i assume it would be alrite.As such i leave it to my frens to make a pick.The usual number to call/sms 017-5232979.Till then.Adios.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yellow and Blue

Greetings.Currently outstation so limited time to blog and go hunting.As such will put up for sale 2 items  today.First item,cup and saucer.Got this set of  5 cups and saucers (Japan)last week.In fact i  sold a set of cups of the same design minus the saucers some time back.The cups are in good condition but the saucers walaupun tak sumbing tapi ader peeling sikit bunganya.You can view the pictures.But as a collection it would make a lovely display item.View then.
Next item is  very collectible.Pada peminat porcelain, item ni Made in Malaya dan dibuat oleh Goh Ban Huat Kuala Lumpur.Warna,colour dan design sebijik macam  Celeste JG Meakin.Unused old stock.Tak pernah pakai lagi dan dalam keadaan yang amat baik.Mari kita lihat.

Alrite then.017-5232979 is the number to call/sms.Take care and keep happy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Photographs

Greetings.As a tribute  to Mr.Daud,the awesome old malaya collectibles collector who posted an entry in his blog about AJINOMOTO today.A picture taken circa 1960s in front of the Aji-no-moto  sales office in Singapore.

Suasana semasa pendaftaran jemaah haji sebelum naik kapal laut ke Tanah Suci.
Pedalcar with a small jerrycan.It cost a lot to purchase one back then, as such very few have survived along the years.However you can find many reproductions at Amcorpmall.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Smile Please!

Its my 2nd n3 for the day and would like to share part of my photo collection.A picture paints a thousand words.As such just sit back and  view the pictures from the good old times.

rickshaw 1930s
The rickshaw was brought from shanghai china in 1880 and by the end of the 19th century there were about 1000 rickshaw owners in singapore!.The straits settlements chinese lady is sitting beside her Mat salleh sister in-law.(according to writings at the back of the photo).

 circa 1940s
Malayan Police.This picture was taken in front of Istana Bukit Chandan,Kuala Kangsar during late DYMM Sultan Perak's Birthday.

The picture on the right  was taken on MERDEKA DAY 31st August 1957.They built a pintu gerbang  which was lighted up at night.The picture on the left is in  the 60s and  fittingly  features Bapa Kemerdekaan ,Tunku Abdul Rahman.Can anybody  identify the guy holding a hat behind Tunku?

Rombongan Khawin Nyonya Kiah.Yang tak pakai seluar sebelah kiri gambar tu nampak maintain cool kan?

Geng motor
Anybody u know?
Alrite.Dah ngantuk.So lets called it a day.Adios.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Teko Aladin Dragon

Salam and morning folks.Hari ini dapat blog pada waktu pagi sejak sekian lama koz its my off day.Its also the the time to kemas-kemas stuffs found or brought by runners.Misplaced items get a homecoming of sorts and the extra space is most welcoming as the store is packed to the brim.Nevertheless lets get down to business.For sale to day is a Teko Aladin Dragon.Made in Japan.view please.

Also up for sale is a lot of 3 cups and 4 saucers -JG meakin Rosa (pink rosa marking).Actually ader 4 cups tapi 1  cup tangkainya ader crack so i have withdrawn the cup.

Orait.I m gonna take a break.Got to ship a few more items and kemas-kemas a bit.Till then
017-5232979 for booking/info.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday i'm in love!

Greetings.Remember the catchy number by The Cure in the 80s? its a evergreen number so i m using it as my tittle for this n3 plus i m off on saturday and sunday,thats why i m in love!heheheh
As for todays spread, i would to share some of the things which i fancy and collect.I do have some xtra pieces and if u like any one of them, u can have it for a price.Lets view then.

Pic 1
Fraser and Neave Orange dan Sarsi

Sekali imbas macam sama aje keempat-empat botol tapi sebenarnya,Dari kiri: orange, orange 400ml,sarsi,sarsi 400ml.Air original dan label pun dalam keadaan baik lagi, cuma tudung sudah berkarat but overall botol dalam keadaan baik.

Pic 2
Fraser and Neave juga tapi label putih 285ml

Pic 3
A n W and Kickapoo

Lets take a break from the aerated water bottles and view some enamelware
.Pic 4
Dalam 8 inci tingginya.condition baik.

Pic 5
Made in Yugoslavia sebelum berpecah kepada Bosnia,Serbia-Montenegro.Saiz 11 san 14.

Pic 6
JG Meakin 10inch-2pcs
Pinggan ni saya ada jual tidak berapa lama dulu, ni dapat pulak 2 more pieces tapi picture pakai picture yang lama.practical sikit.heheheh.
Anyway thats about it.I humbly take leave.017-5232979-booking/inquiries.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More PLO finds

Greeting.Firstly PLO does not  stand for the Palestin Liberation Organization.It stands for Pak Long Omar.Yeap he told me that.He is  obviously in the same league with Afdlin and Harith.Nevertheless lets view futher finds at PLO's joint.

Pic 1
rose hijau 10inch plate-1 pc(BOOKED)

Pic 2
JG Meakin 13/14inch platter( rosa/glamour(pink)-3pcs(2 BOOKED 1 AVAILABLE)

Pic 3
JG meakin Rosa 10 inch plate-a few pcs available(ALL BOOKED)

Pic 4
14inch VCR oval platter(BOOKED)
 Thats about it.017-5232979 for booking/info.tq


Salam.Mohon maaf kepada semua rakan blogger/collector/runner/dealer yang telah cuba menghubungi saya sejak dua hari yang lepas dan tidak mendapat response/maklumbalas dari saya.Kat shoutbox pun ada kak nannie and kak azzah punya msg pun tak bls.
Begini kisahnya.Pada hari ahad yg lepas abang ipar terpaksa menjalani operation untuk hernia.Operation  mengikut kata doktor minor aje tapi abg ipar saya ni ada masalah nerve dan kencing manis so ader sedikit komplikasi as such dari 1 hari menjadi 4 hari yang panjang dan penuh debar.Lewat petang tadi  baru he was discharged.Obviously i had to do a lot of running around koz kakak saya surirumah sepenuh masa dan cannot drive.So it was practically Hospital-house-pick up anak saudara-waiting  punya routine.Orang umah pulak demam dan
Talipon pulak buat practically it was offline untuk 2 hari.Dugaan.
Truly sorry pada semua.MOHON MAAF BEBANYAK.Barang pun banyak lom pos tapi esok 2 kotak will be shipped.1 ke ipoh dan 1 ke subang.To both buyers.Honestly sorry for the late delivery.till then.peace be upon you.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nostalgia Pak Long Omar

Tajuk entry pun oldschool kali ni dan dedicated to Pak Long Omar.I met the genial grandad recently by chance at a stall.The cerita kedai kopi was a rancak one and topik pun silih berganti.Pak Long Omar happen to be one heck of a friendly guy and had me in stitches with tales from the yesteryears.To cut the story short,topik kegemaran pun pop up."Pak Long ada simpan ...........?

A date was agreed  and  we met up at his place.The  resulting "korek"  session was very eventful, mainly becoz of the late Mak Long punya koleksi.According to Pak Long, his late misus loved collecting but none of their children seemed interested  to follow suit."Depa suka collect DUIT ! " pak long omar confirmed.heheheheh

Apparently they(3sons) were successful biznizmen in their own right.Anyway macam-macam dapat, coinbox england, 1930s photos,old magazines and books,signage dan semestinya porcelain items.Labu Kaca macam Ezany(Ezany Galleria) pun ada.Tapi untuk hari ini sempat 3 pics ajer.Lets view.

Pic 1
Bunga apa? i dont honestly dont know.Condition baik 6 cawan dan 6 piring.

Pic 2
Rosa Meakin( chop pink rosa-made in England)

Pic 3
Rose Hijau Creamer -Made in China

Further info/booking - sms/call 017-5232979.Till then ,take care and keep happy

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March On!

Time certainly flies! we are in the 3rd month of year and things are speeding up a bit.Dont u think so? how about the current heatwave? PANASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! but then thats life .You gain some and you lose some.With regards to that.I did gain a very much sought after porcelain item a couple of days back.I am still undecided how to go about it.Many collectors would love to have this piece in their precious collection.The problem is i  only have a single piece.So macammana ya?
             As its still undecided.The item remains under a very famous pair of lock and key.View please

Padlock Chop MATA

Jenama/Chop MATA ni very popular dikalangan collector barangan antik.Selain padlock ada items lain seperti pisau lipat,gergaji,pisau cukur dll. Buatan Germany  dan ada logo gambar mata manusia, tu yang dapat jolokan nama chop MATA.Kalau nama German nya ialah Soligen.
Anyway thats about it for this N3 take care and keep happy.